How to enable RCS feature in Android?


RCS A new messaging service from Google

In order to improve the easier messaging feature of Android, Google has introduced a useful application service called RCS Messaging, and RCS is a new messenger service that is going to replace plain text messaging service over time, because the new service has interesting applications such as sending photos and videos, sending Long messages, which are not limited to 160 characters, provide information about the readability of messages and the online presence of the recipient.

In order to use the new service, you must first make sure that the mobile operator has provided the above feature or not. If such a feature is provided by the telecom operator in the stage, you must enable the RCS feature on the Android phone.

What is RCS Messaging?

In ancient times, texting was the only option available to users. SMS service allows users to receive or send text messages within a specified range. The feature of sending multimedia files was made available to users, and after the rate of Internet penetration in the community increased, new features and designs were made available so that the text messaging approach would play a minor role in people’s lives. Google first introduced a new feature called RCS in 2018 to improve the SMS messaging feature in Android. The above service is called Rich Communications Services and in terms of design and user interface is very similar to popular messengers such as WhatsApp and Telegram. As mentioned, to take advantage of the RCS feature, it is necessary for telecom operators to provide users with similar standard 4G services.

The RCS function is similar to the iMessage messaging service provided by Apple. The service allows users to send photos or videos to the other party while they are chatting in person or in groups, and if a user responds to your message, you will receive a notification to let them know that your message has been read by users. Just the way popular messengers do it today. Knowing which user is active is one of the most important requirements of today’s messaging, which RCS supports.

As we know, in SMS, users face a limit of 160 characters per message, which fortunately, the RCS feature has increased this limit to 8000 thousand characters. The second RCS feature is hidden in the standardization of features in Apple’s iMessage. In other words, iPhone users and Android products are able to send similar messages to each other and view the messages in the same way. Of course, at the moment iOS does not support RCS and the features offered in the iMessage service allow iPhone and iPod users to access such a feature. However, it is possible that learning RCS will lead Apple to support this feature.

Privacy issue with RCS messengers

The most important challenge that RCS messengers face is the lack of underlying global encryption support. People for whom privacy is very important can not easily accept this. Lack of support for global encryption occurs when all of today’s popular messengers support global encryption.

How to enable RCS messaging feature in Android?

First , download and install the Google Messages messenger known as Android Messages. Once installed, run the program. By running this program, you will be asked whether Android Message will be selected as the default messenger or not. To do this, you can touch Set as Default to make Messages the default text messaging app on your phone.

If you see a confirmation message, touch the Yes button and follow the steps.

You will now be taken to the dialog page. You must touch the Start Chat button to start a new conversation.

To access the settings, touch the three-dot menu in the top corner of the screen, then touch Settings.

In this step, touch the Chat features option. If you do not see the above option, you should find it under the General option subset.

Next, enable the Enable chat feature switch.

In this step, you have to enter your phone number and wait for the phrase in front of the Status field to change to Connected.

You are now ready to use the RCS messenger feature. Note that if you do not see the Chat feature option on the relevant page, it means that the mobile operator did not provide the above feature and you have to wait for the operator to enable this feature for you. For example, on the chat properties page in the image below, you will see that the message Chat features unavailable for this device is displayed and no switches are defined. The page above shows that the RCS feature is not enabled by the mobile operator.

Another important point to note is that you will only be able to make the best use of all the RCS features if your contact has also enabled the RCS feature on their phone, if not, one-way feature activation The above does not benefit you. It is expected that this feature will be available to more users Later.

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