How to enter Safe Mode in Windows 10

Safe Mode
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What is Safe mode and how does it work?

In a nutshell, Safe Mode is a built-in diagnostic system for the Windows operating system that is present in all versions, and if your Windows starts in this mode, it will only allow the main programs and services of the system to boot during the boot process. . This mode is designed to help users diagnose most of the problems in Windows and to be used extensively to eliminate ransomware, malware, viruses, etc. in the operating system.

As mentioned, in Windows 10 safe mode, the operating system starts only with the main components and many other unnecessary drivers or services such as video drivers, audio, etc. are disabled It also prevents the launch of side programs And this makes it easier to isolate the causes of operating system problems.

In addition, sometimes you may not be able to start Windows normally and turn on your system. In this case, using the safe mode of Windows 10 or other windows, problems such as black or blue windows, virus Remove the system, etc. Now that we are familiar with this feature of Windows, it is time to examine the methods of entering Safe Mode in Windows 10 .



How to get into Windows 10 safe

In this article, our goal is to introduce the methods and how to get into the safe of Windows 10, the use of any of these methods can be said to be a matter of taste and depends on your circumstances, so there is no obligation to choose.

The first method

Log in to Windows 10 Safe via Advanced Startup Settings

1. First open Windows settings and then click on Update & Security .

2. In the next step, open the Recovery options option from the left panel and click on the Restart now option under the Advanced Startup option to enter the recovery environment.

3. Follow the path below:

 Troubleshoot -> Advanced options -> Startup Settings -> Restart

Log in to Windows 10 Safe

After executing your commands, the system will restart and this time you will see options as shown below. From the 9 options that are displayed for you, if you just want to enter Safe Mode, select option 4, and if you need the Internet in this case, select option 5 and wait again until the system is restarted. And boot in safe mode.

tip :

Enable safe mode : This option is the most basic type of safe mode and your Windows starts by downloading the most basic system settings and services, other unnecessary programs, drivers and services are not downloaded and by cutting malware and viruses, The driver puts your local network and your system in general in a more secure state.

Enable safe mode with networking : If you decide to start Windows 10 in safe mode with networking, by selecting this option, the drivers and services that you will need to access the network will also be activated and sawed. It is not secure but allows you to use the internet.

Enable safe mode with Command Prompt: If you select this option, your computer will open a large Command Prompt window and specialists can easily fix Windows problems through command lines. This method is not recommended if you do not have information about command lines.


How to get into Windows 10 safe

The second method

Enter Windows 10 Safe Mode via msconfig

Another way to enter Safe Mode in Windows 10 is to use windows System configuration or msconfid.exe . To use this method, do the following:

1. Simultaneously press the windows + R keys , launch Run and type msconfig and press enter .

2. In the opened page, by referring to the boot tab , you will see a page as shown below.

Log in to Windows 10 Safe

Below boot options there are options for you that you can choose one of them based on your needs:

Minimal : equal to safe mode and with the same minimum features.

 Alternate shell : will refer you to Safe Mode with command prompt .

Network : Guides you to access Safe Mode with the network.

Active Directory repair : This option is used to repair Active Directory server.

In general, you can select Windows Minimal or Network to start Windows 10 in safe mode to troubleshoot Windows 10. Then you make the settings according to the image and then click ok.


The third method

Enter Windows 10 Safe Mode via the Start menu

If you can log in to Windows 10, then you can also go to Windows 10 Safe Mode using the Start menu.

1. To do this, you can press and hold the Shift key on the keyboard, and at the same time click on the Start menu in Windows 10. Then click on the Power icon in the Start menu and select Restart .

Exit Safe mode in Windows 10

2. After entering the option selection page, you can click on Troubleshoot -> Advanced options -> Startup Settings -> Restart to enter the Startup Settings window .

3. Next, press one of the F4 , F5 , or F6 buttons to launch the Safe Mode option .

The fourth method

Enter Windows 10 Safe Mode via the F8 key

To use this method, right-click on Start and select Command Prompt (Admin) . Type the following on the page, type or copy and paste photos.

bcdedit / set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy

You can now enter Safe Mode by pressing [ F8 ] when restarting Windows 10 .


How to get into Windows 10 safe


How to exit Safe mode in Windows 10

In this part of the article, we want you to follow the steps below to exit Safe mode in Windows 10 .

1. First, press the Windows key and the R key on the keyboard, then enter msconfig and press Enter again to open the System Configuration window .

2. Tap the Boot icon and select the Safe boot option and click OK . The next time you start the computer, Windows 10 will boot normally.

How to exit Safe mode in Windows 10

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