How to find a lost or stolen Android phone?

How to find a lost or stolen Android phone?

find a lost or stolen Android

Go out with your friends this weekend. After a few hours on the way home, you put your hand in your pocket to take out your phone. But there is no news about the phone. This is the worst thing that can happen. Where did you leave the phone? the cinema? Restaurant? Inside the taxi? But do not be sad. By reading the following article, you can hope for the return of your phone.

Apple users can use “Find My iPhone”. But is there a “Find My Android” option for Android? Fortunately, there is a new tool called “Find My Device” which is available in the Google Play Protect section. With this tool, you can hope to find your device by tracking the phone.

With the “Find My Device” feature, even if you have not installed this app on your lost phone, it is possible to track it. Use one of the following three methods for this purpose:

Through your computer: via computers connected to internet and open Chrome. You must be logged in to your Google Account. Type “where is my phone” in the Chrome address bar. Google will load a small Find My Device window after searching. Click on the Sign In section. This will open the Find My Device site and quickly begin retrieving the lost device.

Via Android phone: If you have another Android phone or tablet, install the Find My Device app very quickly. If it is your phone, you can log in with one tap, but if you are using someone else’s phone, you can log in to the program as a guest.

Via non-Android phone: If you do not have an Android phone available,type in the browser of any phone youhave.

After accessing Find My Device using one of the three methods above, use the list above to find the lost phone.

The program starts exploiting and finds the device in a few seconds. Information such as tracking time, network connection and location is shown to you on the map.

At the bottom of the device, there are a number of other options: Play Sound, Lock and Erase. The Play Sound option only makes sense if you have lost your phone at home. In this case, the phone rings at its highest level for 5 minutes. Erase and Lock modes are used when the phone is really lost.

To ensure data security, use the “lock” button to quickly activate the lock screen password. You can even put a thank you message on the page.

This will lock the device behind the passwords you specify, and your message will be capitalized at the top of the screen. Below that is the “Call Owner” button.

But if you have no hope of getting your phone back, you can erase all data with the “erase” command. In this way, the device returns to the original state of the manufacturer and tries to erase all the memory card information. Of course, depending on the Android version and the manufacturer, this may not work. Android Device Manager crashes when the phone is wiped. In such a case, you should say goodbye to the phone. Because here is the point of no return.

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