How to find the IP address of an Android or iOS smartphone

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Easily find the IP address of your iOS or Android phone with this trick

As you know, every device that connects to the Internet has an IP address and a “MAC address”. IP addresses and MAC addresses allow you to identify these devices. In today’s article, we will introduce you to the methods by which you can easily find the IP address of your smartphone.

How to find the IP address on an Android smartphone

You do not need to install or visit third party websites to see the IP address on any type of Android phone .

To do this, first enter the Settings section of the Android phone .

Then, find and open the System or Phone Information option (of course, these options depend on the brand).

Now select the About Phone option.

In this section, tap the Status option to see the connection information and IP address.

For this easily on Android phone your IP address to find.

How to find the IP address on an iOS smartphone

The method of finding the IP address on the iPhone or iOS is very similar to the method of finding the IP address on the Android phone .

Open the Settings section on your iPhone . Then tap Wi-Fi. Then, a window like the one you see in the figure below will appear on the screen.

Tap the network to which the device is connected. In this step, you will see a window similar to the one below, which contains all the information you are looking for.

You can easily find the IP address on your iPhone  or iOS device .

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