How to find WhatsApp member phone numbers?

WhatsApp member
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WhatsApp member phone numbers

The way we communicate and inform users has changed in recent years. Once upon a time, we had the text messaging solution, and we had to send some long text messages to our audience. This method is now almost obsolete and has been replaced by messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Scale, Discard, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and other options.
WhatsApp-like messaging apps have gone a step further and provided business accounts for people with serious activities. Despite all the solutions offered, some people still do not use WhatsApp-like messaging programs. In such a situation, the question arises for us whether the owner of a mobile number uses WhatsApp or not. If you want to find out more about the phone numbers you have, read this article to the end.

Check WhatsApp Phone Number

First, copy the phone number you want to check. Touch the WhatsApp app and touch the New Message button. When the New Chat page appears, you will be given the option to add a new contact. Touch the New Contact button, which means New Contact, and copy the number you want to check in the Phone Number field.

If the owner does not have a WhatsApp account number, you will see a Not on Whatsapp message at the bottom of this field. In this case, you will not be able to send a message to the phone number via WhatsApp and you will have to use the same traditional SMS mechanism to exchange information. If the owner of this phone number has a WhatsApp account, no specific message will be displayed.

This way, anyone with another mobile number can check if their contact is a WhatsApp member. But another question that some users ask is when personal information is viewed on WhatsApp. When you send a message to a person via WhatsApp, personal information such as first and last name, location, stories you have posted, and activity status are displayed.

How to view the names of people who have checked our WhatsApp status?

One of the main questions that some users ask is what WhatsApp has given its users the ability to check who has seen their story and status? WhatsApp provides such a feature to users. For this purpose, an eye icon is located at the bottom of the program screen. By touching the phone from the bottom of the screen to the top, you can check who has seen your situation and when.

Of course, there are limitations in this regard. You do not have the ability to see the names of all the people who have seen your story, because some people have disabled this feature by activating blue buttons for read receipts. So if you plan to read the story to people without them realizing it, activate the above option. In this case, you can not check the names of people who have viewed your story in the Viewed by list.

How to limit the display of personal information or WhatsApp on WhatsApp?

Some users are sensitive to their privacy and do not want the profile picture or other information contained in About You to be visible to everyone. More precisely, privacy is important to them. To restrict how you view personal information, launch WhatsApp and tap the three-dot icon. Now touch Settings to display the settings page.

On the Settings screen, tap Account, then tap Privacy.

Now touch About. On this page you must select one of the following situations.

Every one: means displaying profile information to all users

My contacts: Profile information is shown to contacts only.

Nobody: Profile information is not displayed to any user.

With this method, you can expose personal information to all users in a controlled way.

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