How to give healthy food to children?

How to give healthy food to children?

Every mother wants her child to eat her vegetables. Most children are very adamant about eating. They get all of their mother’s energy when they eat. And when there are healthy and green foods on their plate, the problem will be doubled!

How can mothers make eating time exciting? In this article, you will learn some interesting and creative ways on how to get your child to eat healthy foods.

1. Start early

If your young child is just getting stronger, this is for you. As children become more familiar with different tastes and thus become accustomed to adulthood, getting started early is the key to introducing healthy foods to your child.

Your child may object to certain foods, but he or she will not have a problem eating healthy foods every day .

۲. Accompany an influential character

Children usually have someone in their life that they love and want to imitate. This person could be their father or brother, or even a TV character. But strangely enough, this character is usually not a mother.

When children see this character eating healthy foods, they choose the same habit. The garbage sailor, who is known for eating spinach, is the best example of this. Inspired by this cartoon, millions of children around the world ate spinach to become strong and grow.

3. Include them in cakes or cooking

No matter how young or young your child is, get him or her involved when you cook. From stirring to adding seasoning, they do the dirty work, but in the end they will enjoy the result.

4. Go shopping together

Take your child with you when you go shopping for vegetables. Show her any vegetables or fruits and talk about them and tell her what the benefits are.

Ask them to pick up a new one and give it to you to count. This gives your child the opportunity to discover and learn about vegetables and fruits. Not only will this increase their knowledge, but they will also become familiar with the world of healthy foods.

5. Define healthy choices or reward them

There is no one in the world who does not like the prize! Your child is no exception. Give him a good reward every time he makes a healthy choice. The way you open up to the prize will gradually cause healthy habits to flourish in him.

6. Avoid pushing or nagging

To eat healthy, you do not have to constantly walk on the nerves of your child or even your spouse. By doing so, you are only causing them to oppose all foods that are labeled healthy!

Instead, give your child a chance to make a natural choice through intermediaries that appeal to him or her. Punishing or blaming will not work.

7. Eat together

Families who eat together stay together in everything. This includes managing healthy eating. When everyone is sitting together to eat, children naturally choose the food that their parents choose. Your children look at you and imitate you exactly.

8. Test different colors, shapes and sizes

There must be a reason why children become familiar with colors, shapes and sizes at school. Children are fascinated by shapes, colors and sizes. Use healthy cooking tools and equipment to turn healthy vegetables and snacks into engaging and fictional forms.

Early on, children start eating these healthy foods out of curiosity, but it will gradually become a habit for them. Food must satisfy different senses. You will have no problem feeding your child healthy foods when you are alert.