How to import iPhone contacts list into WhatsApp ?
import iPhone contacts

How to import iPhone contacts list into WhatsApp ?

import iPhone contacts list into WhatsApp

Does your WhatsApp app show numbers but does not show contact names on your iPhone? In such a situation, communication through WhatsApp becomes stressful and almost impossible. One of the reasons for not seeing the names is that WhatsApp has not updated the contact list. This is usually done automatically, but in this case all you have to do is update the list manually.

Follow the steps below to manually update your WhatsApp contacts list on your iPhone:

Step 1: Open the WhatsApp app and go to the Favorites tab.

Step 2: Go to the top of your Favorites list, then swipe down with your finger.

This will update your WhatsApp contact list. Your favorites will be saved alphabetically and the numbers will be changed to WhatsApp contacts.

If you still can’t see the names after updating the contacts, it is recommended that you check your iPhone settings. This will make sure that WhatsApp has access to the contacts stored in your phonebook.

How to license access to iPhone contacts list for WhatsApp?

Follow these steps to ensure that WhatsApp has access to your contacts:

Step 1, first go to the phone settings page, then tap Apps. Then select WhatsApp from the list of applications.

Step 2 Tap Permissions and make sure all permissions are enabled.

It should be noted that when a person first sends you a message on WhatsApp, this application will display the number of this contact. This is because the name of this contact has not yet been saved on your iPhone, and you must create a new contact name for him or her on your phone in order to view his or her name in WhatsApp.

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