How to increase the security of Windows 10?

increase the security
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Ways to increase the security of Windows 10

Increase the security of Windows 10 by updating programs and Windows to the latest version

No risk or problem threatens your operating system as long as it is used and hacked. As we mentioned in the introduction, Microsoft is always so popular in maintaining the security of its product, but to some extent , it is the responsibility of their users to increase the security of Windows 10 and other Windows. One thing you can do is always update the software and applications installed on your operating system. To do this, you can either get  help from an assistant or update them manually so that the end of their version is always installed on your Windows, this issue is very important and you should take it seriously, because the software itself Can be a gateway for malware and hackers to enter, in addition to software, be sure to update your operating system, ArticleThe offline update of Windows 10 Hiwatek will guide you in this regard.

Keep in mind that in addition to applications, you will need to constantly update your web browsers, antivirus software, and firewalls.

Increase Windows 10 security 

Increase Windows 10 security by encrypting data

Encryption is very important, especially if you have important information on your laptop or PC, if your laptop is stolen, know that others can easily access your information, most Windows 10 users can use the tools Easy to use like BitLocker to encrypt data, follow this path:

Control Panel> System and Security> BitLocker Drive Encryption

Enable BitLocker for the drives you want by right-clicking on it and selecting Turn on BitLocker . Remember, BitLocker in Windows 10 requires a valid platform module ( TPM ).

Increase Windows 10 security 

You can also rar your files and put a password on them, you can also set a password for your Excel or Word files.


Increase Windows 10 security  by clearing  spyware

If your computer is infected by spyware, windows will appear and your browser will be redirected to malicious websites. Your computer will run slowly and a new toolbar will suddenly appear in your web browser. If you want to   prevent spyware , you should not click on a suspicious link or answer a pop-up question. You should also avoid downloading free apps. Popular anti-spyware programs may include  Lavasoft Ad-Aware , Spybot Search,  and  Destroy  and  Malwarebytes  . If   you use Chrome , you can try the Chrome Cleanup tool   to scan and remove malware from your computer. If from  Chrome You can try the Chrome Cleanup tool   to scan and remove malware from your computer.





Increase Windows 10 security by using a local account

There are definitely benefits to using a Microsoft account to log in to your laptop. But when you sign in to your Microsoft account, all your settings are automatically synced to all of your Windows 10 devices. This may pose a security risk, and in some cases you may need to disconnect from Microsoft. If you are in a very secure meeting, it is best to use a local account instead of your Microsoft account.

To create a local account, do the following:

1. Enter Settings and then Accounts .

Increase Windows 10 security 

2. From the left panel, from the Your email and accounts section, click Sign in with a local account instead .

Increase Windows 10 security 

3. On the next screen you must enter your current password and click the Next button and the username and password in the Local or Local introduce yourself and decide.

Increase Windows 10 security 

Increase Windows 10 security by activating System Restore

System Restore option allows you to restore the system to its previous date whenever there is a problem. By default, System Restore is disabled in Windows 10. So you can not undo any problems that occur with your Windows 10 system. To enable System Restore in Windows 10, follow these steps:

1. Type ” system restore ” in Windows Search and then select ” Create a restore point “.

2. tab ” System Protection ” Go and select your Windows installation drive, usually drive C is.

3. Then click the “ Configure ” button and finally “ Turn on system protection ” and click Ok .


Increase Windows 10 security 

Increase Windows 10 security through Windows Defender

Windows 10 has an internal security feature to stop viruses and malware. Check the system health report from Windows Defender Security and make sure all statuses are green. If you suspect any complication, check your system thoroughly with a quick or advanced scan.

Increase Windows 10 security 

Increase Windows 10 security by removing Bloatware

It is annoying that your laptop is filled with unnecessary software, most of the programs on the new laptop may be installed by the seller and not by Microsoft. The lack of up-to-date and non-development of these programs may lead to security risks. Therefore, it is better to virus it before connecting to the network and the Internet. Follow the path below:

Start> Settings> Apps

You can see the list of installed applications under the Apps & feature section and delete any that are not required and do not have Microsoft Corporation in their name .

Enhance Windows 10 security by using antivirus and activating Windows firewall

In most cases, Windows Defender will not be enough to protect your computer. Therefore, it is better to use a reliable antivirus program published by a well-known company. An antivirus program should include automatic updates, real-time scans, and an internal firewall. If the antivirus program does not include an internal firewall, you must enable Windows Firewall. To do this, do the following:

Control Panel> System and Security> Windows Defender Firewal

Click the   Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off link from the sidebar. Enable the firewall option for all listed networks.

Increase Windows 10 security 

Increase Windows 10 security by disabling ad tracker

When you browse the web, people can track your online behavior. This allows marketers to create a profile based on your interest and deliver messages related to your ads. Obviously not a good thing for letting people see what you do online. You must deactivate the ad id by following these steps:

In the Start menu , search for  Privacy Settings ” and in the window that opens in the General section , turn off the first option switch, so that after disabling interest-based ads, marketers will not be able to track your online behavior. And you will still receive ads, but they are public.


Increase Windows 10 security 

Enhance Windows 10 security  by disabling location tracker

Windows 10 tracks your location and is useful to many people. This will help you find the nearest restaurants and get the latest local weather news. But if security is your top priority, the best way is to avoid tracking Windows 10. In the “Location or  Location » settings  Privacy Settings   go. Disable location services.

Increase Windows 10 security 

With the above suggestions, you will be more secure when using the Windows operating system. Your online browsing experience is smooth and private data can always be protected, we hope you enjoy this article.

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