How to prevent your account from being blocked by following WhatsApp rules

WhatsApp rules
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WhatsApp rules

Using WhatsApp has terms and conditions that, if not followed, can cause you to report to WhatsApp, and finally, if this situation is repeated several times, WhatsApp will block your account. So to prevent your WhatsApp account from being blocked and blocked, be sure to follow the following 4 items.

How not to let our WhatsApp account be blocked or blocked

Spam, automated, or large messages on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is very sensitive to messages that are large, auto-dial or auto-dial. That’s why it uses both machine learning technology and user reports to identify and block accounts that send unsolicited messages. If you try to contact them in different ways that users do not want to, it is possible that your activity will be blocked and your account will be blocked . Avoid creating WhatsApp accounts or groups in automated or unauthorized ways, or even using modified versions of WhatsApp .

Use lists of contacts that do not belong to you on WhatsApp

WhatsApp warns its users never to “share users’ phone numbers without their knowledge”, as well as phone numbers obtained from unauthorized sources (such as buying lists of other people’s phone numbers) to send messages on WhatsApp or add them to groups. Refrain anymore.

Playing overused lists in WhatsApp

Most users tend to play their messages through a specific list. According to WhatsApp, messages sent through the playlist will only be received by other users if your phone number has been added to their contact list. If you use broadcast messages frequently, other users may report your messages. As a result must wait for blocked or blocking accounts that several times to WhatsApp are reported to be.

Violation of the rules regarding the terms of WhatsApp service

The description of WhatsApp Terms of Service states that the posting of illegal, threatening, harassing, hateful, and racial and ethnic insults is prohibited.

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