How to put a link in an Instagram story?

How to put a link in an Instagram story?

put a link in Instagram

One of the best platforms for online business right now is Instagram. It is a great place to sell products and provide services.
You may have a website for your online store and want to drive users to the website.
Instagram has helped users in this matter, so that by placing a link in the story, users can be directed directly to the website.
In the continuation of this article, you will learn how to put a link in the story.

How to put a link to a story?

To put the link in the Instagram story, you  must first update your Instagram account to the latest version available in the Android and iOS stores.

The condition for placing a link in the Instagram story is a business page.

How to make your Instagram page business?

First, log in to the Instagram application.

Go to the setting section.

Select the account option.

If you go to the bottom of the opened tab, you will see that it is written in blue, switch to professional accont. By selecting this option, you can choose your business type.

Congratulations, your Instagram account has become a business

Put the link in the Instagram story

After you do business on your Instagram page, the second condition for Instagram to put a link in the story is to have ten thousand real followers .

If you have the second condition of Instagram, enter the story section.

Add a photo or video to the story.

Click on the icon around the line as shown below.

How to put a link in the story?

A new tab will open for you to put your product or website link in the first box.

How to put a link in the story?

Once you have placed the link, click on the tick on the top right.

Your story is now ready, and your audience can be redirected to the product or website page by swiping up.

Note: Sometimes Instagram may warn about the links used in the story and not allow them to be placed.

To solve this problem, use link shortening sites, some of which we will write to you.

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