How to recover deleted contact in Android?


recover deleted contact

One of the problems with the Android operating system that you may encounter is the accidental deletion of the contact number and details of the person you are looking for. For such cases, it is better to be familiar with how to retrieve the audience on an Android phone.

The contact list is one of the most valuable items you have on your iPhone . The contact list includes contact information for family, friends, and co-workers at work. Sometimes, the audience on your phone may be deleted and you may experience horrible situations. This may have happened when you decided to root your Android phone or manipulate it in any way. You may have deleted it accidentally.

If you are in such a situation, no matter what the causes are, follow the instructions below to solve the problem. Sometimes the settings of the Android phone become a nuisance and cause the temporary disappearance of the audience  . Do not be afraid, you may still have the audience on the phone while they are hiding.

for this purpose:

Find the Contacts app on your phone. Tap the menu in the upper right corner.

How to recover deleted audiences in Android?

Touch “Contacts to display”. Then do this if “All contacts” is not yet enabled.

If you have not yet completely erased the storage space of your Android phone , chances are you will be able to find all the lost or deleted contacts.

Depending on the version of Android , the location of the database file varies from phone to phone as well as the manufacturer. For stock Android phones such as the Nexus 5, the file may be saved in the following path:


The key you are looking for is called providers.contacts / databases. Locate this folder on your device, then install SQLiteManager. This program is able to access the storage space of the Android phone database and all db files. Open.

How to recover deleted audiences in Android?