How to remove Android phone viruses without rooting the phone?


remove Android phone viruses

Desktops and laptops are not the only devices that absorb viruses. Mobile devices equipped with the Android operating system also have the potential to absorb viruses and malware and infect users’ mobile devices. Is there a way to get rid of viruses without having to root the device? The answer is yes.

Ideally, if your Android device is infected with malware, you can clean up your device’s malware with a factory reset, provided that the kernel virus has not infected the operating system. If you have not backed up the data in your phone, you will lose all your data such as text messages, photos, saved games, etc. by doing so. As a result, the above solution should be the last option you choose. So what is the solution before us to remove malware from our Android device without the need for a factory reset?

Is my Android phone infected with a virus?

Most of the time, we think Android phones are infected with malware, while the behavior of an app may be a little weird. Suppose your Android phone crashes every time the operating system is loaded, or you may not be able to download apps from the Play Store. These are not necessarily signs of a virus. So do not panic! Ask these questions when you have any doubts.

Does this problem occur after downloading some programs or files?

Have you recently downloaded and installed an app from a third party store (other than PlayStore)?

Did you run an ad that showed a file or application?

Does the problem occur only when running a specific program?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, there is a possibility of malware on your phone. Fortunately, you can fix these problems without having to do a factory reset.

How to stay away from Android viruses?

Google Play Protect is now available on all Android devices. An internal security mechanism that scans programs on your device for malware. No matter where you download the apps, Play Protect treats all apps the same. This means that you have a pre-made antivirus on your Android device.

If you only download and install your apps from Google Play, the chances of infection are low, but not ruled out. Google scans all apps it uploads to its store for malware, and quickly removes any suspicious items. However, some apps manage to break through the gaps and put themselves in the store as a regular app.

Installing programs is another matter. Downloading programs from various sites, especially sites that offer cracked programs, doubles the chances of malware infection.

Infection of an Android device with malware always means that malicious programs are trying to extort money from you, in some cases some of them use your phone licenses to extract personal information.

10 simple solutions that will make your Android device never virus

Programs to clean your phone from a virus

The Play Store offers dozens of different malware removal programs, but not all of them are valuable and offer only a limited number of useful features.


One of the most authoritative letters in the field of defending handwritten systems as well as Android Malwarebytes. The free Android version of this app allows you to scan your device and remove malware. It also gives you the ability to view the permissions assigned to applications. The $ 12-a-year version of the app offers instant recognition and other features that ordinary people may not need.

Malwarebytes Security access link

Bitdefender Antivirus Free

BitDefender is another powerful virus removal program that works quickly and smoothly. Of course, in the free version, you will see ads that try to lead you to buy a paid program. But aside from that, BitDefender is a powerful security tool for your Android phone.

BitDefender access link

The two options we introduced to you are able to populate a wide range of Android applications, so you do not need to go to other options such as Avira, Norton, Avast, etc. On the other hand, programs designed to clean up storage space and optimize main memory are more destructive than useful. They provide capabilities that modern browsers such as Chrome have long provided to detect and block malicious websites. Google Find My Phone feature can easily find the location of your phone. You alone can carefully manage the licensing process that programs have acquired.

How to manually detect and remove malware in Safe Mode?

Fortunately, an anti-virus scanner is able to detect and remove malware from your Android phone. But you can also do it manually. Similar to Windows Mode Safe Mode, Android has the same capability, and if your system is infected with a virus, you can detect malware in Safe Mode Mode without running any third-party applications. More precisely, in this case, you are able to detect malicious programs and remove them.

Follow the steps below to enter safe mode:

1. Press and hold the power key until the power menu appears.

2. Touch and hold Power off until Reboot to safe mode appears.

3. Select the above option.

4. Wait for the phone to restart. In the lower left corner of the screen you will see the phrase Safe mode.

If your phone does not boot normally due to malware infection, follow these steps:

1. Press and hold the Power, Volume up and Volume down keys.

2. When the phone logo appears on the screen, hold down the Power button and the volume buttons.

3. You will now see the Safe Mode message in the lower left corner. (This message does not appear on some phones.)

Now that you are in Safe Mode, go to Settings> Apps> Downloaded. On Android Orio or newer versions, go to Settings> Apps & notifications> See all X apps.

You see a list of installed programs. Try to find the location of the malware. Delete any programs that you suspect are suspicious.

Touch to uninstall an application and select Uninstall. After doing this, boot the phone normally. The malware has now been removed from the phone. If you are unable to uninstall an application, you will probably need Device Administrator access. Follow the steps below to remove this access.

  1. Go to Settings> Security> Device Administrators (Settings> Security & location> Device admin apps on Orio and newer versions.)
  2. Locate the desired application and check the box next to it.
  3. When you see a message, touch Deactivate.

Now go back to the application list and delete the application. Note that after removing viruses from the phone, you must clear the boot history, cache, and processes so that no trace of malware remains on the phone. Unfortunately, most Android apps do not work well in this area and keep you busy with various ads. We recommend the CCleaner program , which deletes unused files well without any problems in the operation of applications and the phone.

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