How to search securely in Android device browser?


search securely in Android

If you follow the news in the field of technology for a while, you will realize that today the issue of privacy is the main concern of people in the world of technology. More and more people who use the Internet are paying more and more attention to privacy settings because no one wants their private information to be misused. In the meantime, browser security is also of particular importance. In this article, we will discuss how we can increase the security of private search in Samsung browser and search in Android browsers in general by creating a password.

If you have ever used a Samsung smartphone, you are probably familiar with the Samsung Internet Browser. This browser is made exclusively for Samsung users and is installed by default on Samsung smartphones. Samsung browser is very fast and provides a set of useful features for users.

In addition to these useful features, a very important point in this browser is the ability to encrypt for the security of private search operations . Samsung browser in its private mode has provided users with the ability to protect with a password of choice.

How to create a password for Samsung browser “private search” mode?

Since Samsung Browser is now officially available and usable for all Android phones, in this article we will teach you how to secure your private search operations on different Android phones with encryption.

step one:

First, download the Samsung browser from here and install it on your Android phone . If this browser is already installed on your phone, be sure to update it to a newer version because the feature we talked about is only available and usable in the latest version of this software.

Samsung Browser Security

Step two:

Once installed, open the Samsung browser and select Settings from the three-dot menu at the top of the screen.

Samsung Browser Security

Step three:

From this menu, select Privacy.

Samsung Browser Security

Step 4:

Now select the Secret Mode option and choose a password for it.

Samsung Browser Security

Work is finished! From now on, whenever you want to do a private search , activate the Secret mode and enter your password. Now you can safely perform the search operation .

 Use encryption software for Android phone security

 Use of encryption software

 You can also use different encryption software to increase the security of Android browsers . Contrary to what we have mentioned above, the use of these softwares encrypts the entire browser (and not just the private mode). You must enter a pre-selected password to unlock your browser. This will increase the security of your browser search .

Download some software for encrypting Android browser

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