How to turn your home computer into a web server
web server

How to turn your home computer into a web server

Make your home computer a web server

These days we all use the internet in different ways. From searching for a topic to browsing various sites and watching media, and to do so we rely on certain types of servers that respond to our requests based on the content they store . There are methods and techniques by which you can turn your PC into a web server and host your files, images, web pages and other digital media on it.

To make your PC work like a server, just download and install software called Opera Unite. After installing this software, you must configure it to be able to host your specific files.

To turn your computer into a web server, follow these steps:

  1. First, open the Opera browser on your computer and select Opera Unite service from the bottom left corner of this browser and activate it.
  2. After this service has been successfully activated, you must add your desired files or folders to this service so that you can host them. To add these files, double-click the File sharing link in Opera Unite and select the files and folders you want to share over the Internet.
  3.  After selecting these files and hosting and sharing them, they can be accessed via the Internet or a specific device or all public devices. You can also easily adjust the access level through the options provided.
  4.  If you feel that the files and folders you have shared are not secure, you can also provide them with a password.
  5.  Note that when hosting these files, your personal computer must be turned on and connected to the Internet all the time so that you can access them through other devices or links.

Opera Unite does not cache any data from the Internet, so you do not have to worry about collecting junk files or any kind of data while working with this software.

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