How to use the Guest Mode feature in Android
Guest Mode feature

How to use the Guest Mode feature in Android

Guest Mode feature in Android

In Guest Mode you will be able to allow your friends to access only a specific application while using your phone. Read more to get acquainted with how to work with the guest feature or Guest Mode in Android.

 Guest Mode feature in  Android

 Apart from this feature, the Guest Mode option also allows access to multiple applications. For example, your friends can post the camera on several different social networks after accessing it and taking a selfie.

Another advantage Qabylyt Guest or Guest Mode is only the default apps Displays and despite that allows guest users to install a new application, but as soon as the option to disable Guest Mode All this added data will be deleted. So don’t forget to enable the Guest Mode option the next time you lend your phone to your friends or family .

To activate the Guest Mode option on your Android phone,   just follow these steps.

 Guest Mode feature in Android

  1. Drag the toolbar down from the top of the screen and tap on the User icon.
  2. Now go straight to Guest Mode .
  3. A message will appear asking you if you want to start a new task or continue the previous activity.

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