H&R Resources (Fanmechanics) Centrix v390.06

H&R Resources (Fanmechanics) Centrix v390.06

Centrix is ​​a centrifugal fan selection software that helps fan manufacturers to design and select suitable fans for applications. This software is able to do in a matter of minutes what a technical engineering specialist spends several hours designing and producing. Centrifugal fan is a type of air conditioning system that removes air with more pressure and is widely used in various industries.

Centrix software helps you do aerodynamic fan design and determine fan volume, pressure, and power. You can also choose from a set of ready-made fans based on your needs and the required volume and pressure, and calculate the noise level. It also lets you design a sound absorber, measure tension and tension, generate layouts from dwg files, and calculate cost and downtime.

Centrix Features and Features:

  • Design and production of centrifugal fans
  • Aerodynamic design of fans
  • Select the amount of volume, pressure, and power of the fans
  • Calculate noise levels and noise
  • Soundproof design
  • Measure the amount of tension and tension
  • Design from dwg files
  • Calculate the cost and time of work

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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