HTRI Xchanger Suite 7.3.2

HTRI Xchanger Suite 7.3.2

HTRI Xchanger Suite software is one of the most powerful programs for designing and simulating various types of heat exchangers, which includes various components and modules such as Xace section for designing, ranking and simulating air conditioners and economizers, Xfh section for modeling and rating of industrial furnaces, and Simulation of shell and tube heat exchangers, Xphe section for frame and plate heat exchangers, Xspe section for simulation and rating of helical heat exchangers, Xvib section for analysis of tube and و vibrations.

Features and specifications of HTRI Xchanger Suite software :

– Graphic and convenient environment for fast learning

– Existence of different modules to perform various stages of design, simulation, rating and analysis of different heat exchangers

– Use different colors in different data such as default data, user input and processed data

– Existence of an extensive database of all types of requirements

– Graphic display of the design using maps and diagrams for better and more accurate visualization

– Preparing a comprehensive report of various parameters

– Has a complete converter tool for a variety of units

– Full coordination with common software engineering and mechanical design, process simulation and Excel program

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