Get acquainted with Huawei App Multiplier feature and its features

Huawei App Multiplier
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Huawei App Multiplier

Huawei App Multiplier feature is considered as one of the best and most useful Huawei applications. In the following, we will get acquainted with the features of this Huawei program.

App Multiplier should be introduced as one of the best and most useful Huawei applications. This app is designed specifically for Huawei and allows users to split the screen.

App Multiplier is one of the Huawei applications. This program helps Huawei to overcome the obstacles in Android applications and ultimately lead to the development of a new ecosystem focusing on user needs.

What is the App Multiplier feature?

App Multiplier should be considered a feature of splitting the screen within Huawei applications, which is very different from the standard screen splitting mode provided by Android. This program allows you to display two windows of a program simultaneously and side by side. This feature will cause a fundamental change in the work experience of users of Android tablets.

Portrait mode on the left shows how mobile phones will only display one app at a time due to screen size restrictions, and App Multiplier on the right shows how it is possible to display two apps simultaneously on flexible tablets and handsets. , Will be possible.

App Multiplier

Huawei unveiled the Home Page Sharing feature in June 2019, as well as the ability to split the in-app multi-purpose page for social networks like WeChat. It is expected that the App Multiplier program will soon be able to provide advanced screen sharing for office and document editing applications, thus providing users with a new realm of functions.

How to use App Multiplier for developers

Huawei has made every effort to simplify the developer integration process, and developers can take advantage of the default configuration provided by Huawei.

To run the App Multiplier, you need to configure the dual window split screen mode in the app. You can select the split mode by referring to Huawei’s EasyGo protocol in the development guide. If you prefer flexibility settings, you can select split-screen or full-screen mode if needed.

App Multiplier has been used in more than 150 applications so far, and developers can use this feature to optimize the user experience on devices with large screens, at minimal cost.

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