Huawei Free Buds Pro topped the list of 56 handsfree devices from around the world

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The Huawei Free Buds Pro topped the list of 56 handsfree devices from around the world with the highest score in all indicators of this test.

The Huawei Free Buds Pro was named the best wireless handsfree among 56 headsets tested by the German Professional Testing Organization Chip; The list includes the most powerful flagship products of Apple, Samsung, Sony and other brands, but in the end, Huawei was able to take the first place. The excellent sound quality of the Huawei Free Buds Pro, along with features such as active noise cancellation, played a big role in this success.

The German specialist laboratory has mentioned the advantages of this handsfree as excellent sound quality, long battery life and ease of use.

Powerful sound and noise reduction

Huawei FreeBads Pro delivers warm, clear sound. Although the volume of the Huawei FreeBads Pro Base is acceptable for different genres, they are different. In general, the sound quality can be described as excellent, although less Base sound could have created better conditions.

Huawei Free Winds Pro

There will be no pressure on your ear!

One of the most important features of the Huawei Free Buds Pro is its design, which makes no pressure on the ear. All commands related to the headset control are possible to stop, rewind or forward, increase or decrease the volume with a simple touch. No problems were found in the tests performed to evaluate the performance of the device. Removing the headset from the charging box requires a bit of care. Once the phones are in the charging case, they may be a little difficult to remove, but they can be solved with a little practice. This device is also equipped with Bluetooth version 5.2 and this issue has a great impact on improving the connection conditions.

Battery power and durability

Huawei Free Winds Pro

The Huawei FreeBads Pro will last about 8.5 hours on a full charge. With the help of Huawei Wireless Handsfree Charging Box, you can play more than 38 hours of music. Note that after 15 minutes of fast charging, it will be possible to use FreeBuds Pro for up to 5.5 hours. Also, it takes only 1.5 hours to fully charge the headset and the charging box, and this shows the power of the device’s fast charging technology; Such power and charge speeds are less common for wireless handsfree. Note that the FreeBuds Pro charging box is capable of receiving wireless charging, but you will need a quality Qi charging pad.

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