Huawei Y8p; What are the features of a good Huawei phone?
Huawei Y8p

Huawei Y8p; What are the features of a good Huawei phone?

Huawei Y8p is considered as one of the new phones of this Chinese brand, which benefits from suitable technical specifications and modern appearance. In the following, we will get acquainted with the Huawei phone.

Huawei Y8p is one of the relatively new models of Huawei , which with its beautiful and modern appearance and suitable technical specifications, is considered as a competitive phone among the mid-range products in the market.

Huawei Y8p specifications

OLED screen

Huawei Y8p 6.3-inch OLED screen with 2400 x 1080 resolution and FHD + image quality. High screen-to-body ratio of 90.17%, good screen size and good screen quality are ideal features for taking online classes, streaming video and even playing games on this phone.

But now that we have to spend a lot more time with the smartphone, does not a long eye contact with the screen cause eye damage? Huawei has also provided a solution to this problem.

Huawei Y8p

The screen can emit blue light at short wavelengths that, despite being invisible, can be harmful to the eyes. These harmful lights are one of the main causes of tired eyes when looking at the screen for a long time. Fortunately, the Huawei Y8p uses Eye Comfort, which is TÜV Rheinland certified. With the help of this feature, even in long-term use, for example in a training class, the user’s eyes will not get tired.

The perfect tool for fun and stress reduction

In addition to being a useful educational tool, the Huawei Y8p smartphone can also be a tool for entertainment and leisure.

For many of us, a good camera is a means of capturing memories and sharing moments, which for many is a part of daily entertainment. The selfie camera of this phone is of 16 megapixel type and has portrait capability. The main camera of the phone is a triple type and 48 megapixels and uses artificial intelligence for Huawei.

These two cameras are designed to take pictures in almost any situation. Extensive images of landscapes, capture images from educational information, night photography or even an engaging selfie for Instagram, the Huawei Y8p camera is always ready to capture clear and detailed images. The good quality of the selfie camera shows itself well, especially when making video calls and holding online classes.

Huawei Y8p

Playing is another great way to reduce stress, especially at the end of a busy day. The Huawei Y8p comes with a Kirin 710F processor and EMUI 10.1 user interface that create the perfect combination, a cohesive harmony of software and hardware.

The Huawei Y8p may not be one of the gaming phones on the market, but it has the power to run high-quality mobile games and is a good choice for regular users.

The special graphics processor feature of this phone, Turbo GPU 3.0, also helps a lot to run games. The device’s 6GB of RAM is enough for efficient operation, and the 128GB of internal storage provides enough storage space for your photos and games. It is possible to add up to 256 GB of storage space with the help of external memory.

Battery and other features

A 4,000 mAh battery is provided so that the Huawei Y8p does not need to be recharged for continuous and daily use and can handle all of the above. This battery can be enough to watch videos, search the Internet and hold training classes during the day.

Other features of the Huawei Y8p include an always-on display (AOD) where general information such as time, weather and battery level will be displayed permanently on the screen. Capability provided by OLED technology.

This way, continuous screen brightness does not consume too much battery power and allows the screen to be turned on at all times. The fingerprint sensor of the Huawei Y8p is optical and is located below the screen.

Huawei Y8p

The Huawei Y8p smartphone with its various features has a very high purchase price compared to its competitors and can be an ideal choice for those who are looking to upgrade to a new smartphone.

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