Humane Technologies Pinegrow Web Editor Pro 5.94

pinegrow is a responsive site design software for Bootstrap, Foundation, AngularJS and WordPress. With this program, you can easily design and view your site by dragging / dropping the desired elements live. pinegrow has made every effort to prevent you from coding, but you can apply the changes you want through coding wherever you need to. Finally you can turn your template into WordPress. But keep in mind that this program and other similar programs are designed only for beginners and the basic needs of site design, it is not that you can design a completely professional and optimal site with these programs and cover all your needs Give. The best use of these softwares is learning Html / CSS, which means that you can easily see the result in the code with different graphic changes and understand the functions of different tags, attributes and features.

Features and specifications of Pinegrow software:

  • Simple user interface and site design in the easiest way, ie drag & drop
  • Edit and view live changes even when working with dynamic JavaScript elements
  • Full support for Bootstrap and Foundation frameworks
  • Change the properties of the elements visually
  • Ability to create WordPress themes
  • Ability to edit multiple pages simultaneously
  • Ability to edit code anywhere in the template
  • Powerful CSS Editor – Ability to change CSS rules visually or through code
  • Ability to create responsive pages using Media query helper
  • Ability to build a website using ready-made and predefined blocks and components
  • Ability to change texts, images and layouts of other websites and save locally
  • Ability to edit HTML pages containing dynamic php tags

Installation guide

Available in the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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Download Pinegrow_Web_Editor_Pro_5.94

Download Pinegrow_5.4_with_WP

Download Pinegrow_Web_Editor_5.0

Download Humane Technologies Pinegrow Web Editor 2.92 Win

Download Humane Technologies Pinegrow Web Editor 2.65 Mac

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