Hydromantis GPS-X 8.0.1 / Toxchem 4.3.6 / CapdetWorks / WatPro 4.0

Hydromantis GPS-X 8.0.1 / Toxchem 4.3.6 / CapdetWorks / WatPro 4.0

Hydromantis provides advanced modeling services for the design of the water treatment plant and to evaluate operational efficiency and plan for further improvements. Owners of water treatment centers can use this program to design this very important and valuable procedure. The program provides methods, solutions and technologies based on existing improvements and existing standards for water treatment. Using its highly professional tools, the Hydromantis suite provides measurable results for companies and factories around the world, saving an estimated millions of dollars in in-house water treatment. Water purification.

GPS-X software to efficiently design and evaluate the production of water waste. In fact, it is a simulator of water purification and improvement of applications.

CapdetWork is used to reliably design and estimate the efficiency of a water treatment plant. In fact, it examines the capacities and costs and compares it with the life cycle of other alternative methods.

Features and characteristics of Hydromantis collection:

  • Simple user interface
  • Use the rich library
  • Take advantage of new improvements in the center
  • Existence of libraries for water resources management

Installation guide

Install the program as a demo and after installation, copy the file in the Crack folder to the location provided in the Readme file.

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