Hypercar Arra SD Plus car was introduced

Hypercar Arra SD
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Arra SD Plus car was introduced. Arra SD Plus is considered to be the first hypercar in Albania. In the following, we will get acquainted with the specifications and features of this supercar.

As the owner of Arra Automobile Company, Kondrim Taki intends to produce the first supercar in Albania. We Kndrym of Taki’s last supercar design sporting Pure Illyrians know, but the designer has recently been working on a car and now it’s bigger and Qdtrmndtr called Hayprkar Aurora car SD Plus – Arrera Automobili SD Plus unveiled. This hypercar uses special driving forces, the specifications of which we will get acquainted with in the following.

Specifications of Arra SD Plus car

Arra Car SD Plus

The Ara Plus SD Plus is powered by a 7-liter 7-cylinder engine equipped with 90-degree pistons; These pistons are specially designed by Wolfgang Kiesler for this company. The hypercar’s propulsion can produce 1,800 horsepower and 1,500 Nm of torque with regular fuel. The weight of this car is less than 1230 kg. Arera Automobile is confident that it can break the world speed record with this hypercar.

Arra Car SD Plus

This hypercar is designed by Kondrim Taki and is made of carbon fiber. According to Taki, the design of this car is modeled on Formula One, especially its aerodynamic characteristics. Therefore, each part of the body of this car benefits from a special aerodynamic performance; For example, the rear is designed to quickly expel hot air from the engine and allow cold air to enter the pump oil.

Arra Car SD Plus

Arra Car SD Plus also has a special registration. The letter S stands for Skanderbeg, who belongs to an Albanian military commander. The letter D also stands for 500 in Roman and refers to the speed of 500 km / h of this car. The suffix + also refers to the company’s plans to reach speeds of more than 500 km / h. Arra Company will fully introduce this hypercar next year.

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