HyperSnap 8.24.00 x86 / x64 + Portable

HyperSnap 8.24.00 x86 / x64 + Portable


HyperSnap is software for capturing desktop environments that make it easy and fast to capture Windows screens, game environments, and even capture text from places where text is not normally copied. In addition to various shooting features, this program has a complete editor for editing images, which eliminates the need for additional software to edit captured images.

HyperSnap is very simple and has two styles of ribbon and classic mode for its user interface, which users can choose based on personal taste. When shooting long pages such as web pages, or pages of a PDF file, و is automatically scrolled to the end, and then the program quickly generates a final image and presents it to you.

Features of HyperSnap:

  •  Shoot anywhere on the screen, even pages displayed in an array of monitors, in any size and shape…
  • Complete tools for image editing, note-taking, and image management
  • Capture editable text from almost anywhere in Windows, even where you would not normally be able to copy that text
  • Ability to use stumps, frames, shadows, and… for images
  • Ability to upload files to FTP server
  • Automatic placement of colors
  • Ability to capture non-rectangular windows
  • Integrate with the Windows clipboard to perform a series of repetitive tasks automatically and faster
  • Auto-scroll when shooting long images or web pages
  • Automatically save captured images
  • Convert and save images in 20 different formats
  • Ability to customize the application interface, menus, toolbars as well as specify shortcuts for most operations

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required system

Any computer running Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 (including R2) or newer, 32 bit and 64-bit releases. 100 MB of free disk space is needed to install the program (about 25 MB is actually used after the installation finishes).




Installation guide

Use the Keygen inside the Crack folder to register the software.

download link

Download HyperSnap 8.24.00 x86
Download HyperSnap 8.24.00 x64
Download HyperSnap 8.24.00 Portable
Download HyperSnap 8.22.00 Portable x86
Download HyperSnap 8.22.00 Portable x64
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