iamtimcorey (TimCorey) - Blazor Server: In Depth 2021
Blazor Server

iamtimcorey (TimCorey) – Blazor Server: In Depth 2021


Blazor Server: In-Depth is a Blazor framework web training course published by the iamtimcorey website. Blazer is a free, open-source C #-based framework developed by Microsoft. This framework enables developers to combine HTML and C # code to develop their application interface and create advanced, interactive applications.

The difference between Blazer and other client-side frameworks such as React and Angular is that its code is not converted to JavaScript at the compilation stage and is converted directly to web assembly. The blazer comes in two separate frameworks, Blazor Server and Blazor Client, each with unique features.

What you will learn in Blazor Server: In-Depth:

  • Initial installation of Blazor Server
  • Solve real challenges and scenarios with Blazor Server
  • Components
  • Data access
  • forms
  • Final implementation of the project
  • Page design
  • Authentication and login management system for users
  • Important differences between Blazor Server and Blazor Client Side

Course specifications

Publisher: IAmTimCorey
Instructor: Tim Corey
Language: English
Education Level: Medium
Courses: 57
Training Duration: 16 hours and 28 minutes

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Blazor Server

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Blazor Server

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