iamtimcorey (TimCorey) - .NET Core Dependency Injection In Depth 2021
NET Core Dependency Injection

iamtimcorey (TimCorey) – .NET Core Dependency Injection In Depth 2021


.NET Core Dependency Injection In Depth is a training course on the concept of Dependency Injection in .NET Core, published by the iamtimcorey website. Dependency Injection, or DI for short, is one of the most important patterns in object-oriented programming.

In the simplest explanation, dependency injection is a model that can inject the external dependencies of a class. This template does not require the direct use of dependencies within the class. DI helps you organize your code easily and avoids clutter to a great extent.

In this training course, you will get acquainted with the function of dependency injection in Dantnet Core programming and you will learn the methods of using and implementing it carefully. Dependency injection has different applications in different projects and it can be added to the project software core in different ways.

This training course is completely project-oriented and covers all the complex topics related to dependency injection such as additional parameters, multiple dependencies, the introduction of dependencies on foreign libraries and codecs, and so on.

What you will learn in the .NET Core Dependency Injection In-Depth course:

  • The concept of dependency injection and its implementation in .NET Core projects
  • Additional parameters
  • Multiple dependencies
  • Introducing dependencies on foreign libraries and codebases

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Publisher: IAmTimCorey
Instructor: Tim Corey
Language: English
Education Level: Medium
Courses: 45
Training Duration: 5 hours

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NET Core Dependency Injection

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NET Core Dependency Injection

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