IBExpert SFX 2020.4.21

IBExpert software that helps professional developers to create applications with the ability to  build integrated monitor manage and optimize databases Drs·h build IBExpert has an IDE powerful and reliable is the purpose  of the  development and management and maintenance of databases Firebird and InterBase is.  

Features of the IBExpert tool:

–  Supports full of Unicode

–  monitor and optimize the performance of the database of program analysis and analysis

– Performance analysis  , SQL monitoring statistics database

– Recompute selectivity of all indicators

– Recompile  Procedures and Triggers and global Stored Procedure and Trigger Operations Index analysis. 

– Executable script with IBExpert to build advanced queries 

– Support for many useful scripts in the form of extensions

– Intuitive query builder ideal for those who have their first experience with SQL.   

–  create the database itself of model, or  a  model base are available in the Database Designer including layers and subject areas and autoroute and notation format.    

–  Comprehensive information analysis OLAP for cross-sectional classification of statistics and graphic tables – Can be exported in  various formats .

–  copy transfer , or compare data and even join the table – all the databases different in script only using IBEBlock .

–  speed up and optimize the procedure and trigger programming  using the Debugger Stored Procedure and Trigger .    

–  analysis using the method of storage ,  triggers, etc.  and  View analysis .

– Extract metadata  to create copy of the database itself , with or without content data .

–  Multilingual .

– Regular updates , complete documentation 

–  Interface flexible and user-definable –  Customize the  page itself code templates , and so on .

– Has an integrated and simple environment for fast learning

Installation guide

After installing the program, copy the contents of the crack folder to the installation location.

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Download IBExpert SFX 2020.4.21

The IBExpert Personal Edition with limited functionalities, QueryBuilder is in list functions limited.

Download IBExpert_Personal_v2019.1.15.1

Download IBExpert_Personal_v2018.11.15.1

Download IBExpert_Personal_v2018.8.3.1

Download IBExpert_Personal_v2018.6.25.1

Download IBExpert Developer Studio Customer 2015.12.21.1

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