IBM Cognos BI 8.4

IBM Cognos BI 8.4

Cognos is software that intelligently used to increase business intelligence and financial efficiency of organizations. This product will also improve the micro and macro decisions by smoothing the problems facing individuals and organizations. Cognos is an integrated business intelligence environment that provides decision makers with tools for reporting, analyzing, scoring, and monitoring an organization’s events.

The tool includes various components to meet the analytical needs of different parts of a company, and with extensive and flexible local and cloud capabilities, it allows users to easily perform their analysis at any scale and meet the changing needs of the business. And be their work.

Cognos software components:

IBM_Cognos 8 BI Server 32-bit 8.4 Windows
IBM_Cognos 8 BI Metric Server 8.4 Windows
IBM_Cognos 8 BI Modeling 8.4 Windows
IBM_Cognos 8 BI Metric Modeling 8.4 Windows
IBM_Cognos 8 BI Transformer 8.4 Windows
IBM_Cognos 8 Virtual
ViewM 8.4 ! Office 8.4 Windows
IBM_Cognos 8 BI Samples 8.4

Cognos installation guide

This software does not require crack, activator, registry, license, etc.

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