IBM Rational Software 9.0 Architect

IBM Rational, formerly Rational Rose, is a specialized software for modeling software using object-oriented. Modeling in this software is done by the most famous modeling language, namely UML. This software can perform component construction and visual modeling of software at a professional level. Using Rational Rose, you can record the chart as soon as it is created, and then generate the code of your choice in C ++, Visual Basic, Java, Corba, and Oracle8. One of the advantages of this software is that it can model the process of “iterative (evolutionary) development” and “reciprocal engineering”.

Modeling an iterative development process allows you to model your new application in steps so that the output of each step is the input of the next step. The developer then understands how the components are replicated and the design changes. Rational Rose has the ability to go back and update the rest of the code written to make sure the code stays the same (reciprocal engineering). It also used the software to model databases and develop web applications using UML.

Features and specifications of IBM Rational software:

  • Modeling programs written in C ++, Java, Visual Basic, Corba and Oracle8
  • Compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio .Net
  • Web application modeling (by plugin)
  • RUP (Rational proprietary software development process) support
  • Modeling with the best UML modeling language
  • Build DTD with XML language (define document type)

Installation guide

The installation video guide is located in the corresponding folder.

The version 8 license is valid and has expired by 2020; No other license is available.

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