IBSurgeon Pack v3.6 Personal

IBSurgeon Pack v3.6 Personal

IBSurgeon Pack is a complete set of tools needed to solve emergency problems of InterBase and Firebird databases. Working with databases is usually one of the most important and one of the most challenging topics related to a project for any programmer. Apart from the issues related to choosing the right database, proper design, and increasing its efficiency and maintenance, working with databases has never been without its problems, and for the introduced databases, these problems are not far from happening. There may be various problems with your database for a variety of reasons. In these cases, the first solution that comes to mind is to manually check the problem and find the weaknesses of the system, while a conscious person does not reinvent the wheel and by field examination of existing tools may find a tool that most of this Take serious responsibility automatically. The IBSurgeon Pack is designed for exactly this purpose

Using the tools in this collection, you can recover databases that have been corrupted for any reason and can not be opened. You can extract the data in the damaged or incomplete backup databases, you will be able to recover the records that you have deleted accidentally, also by using the analysis tools of this collection, you can accurately find your desired Interbis and Firebird databases. Analyze and use the smart suggestions of this tool to increase the efficiency and weakness of your bottlenecks and weaknesses of your database, such as indexing issues. The use of these tools, although they do not completely eliminate the need for manual review of problems, but to a large extent will help users to reduce the volume of repetitive operations.

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This is the full version and does not require a registry.

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