Ice Mountaineering - Equipment

Ice Mountaineering – Equipment

As ice mountaineering is an adventurous sport, due to this fact it’s crucial that each one the tools used for this objective needs to be compliant with UIAA requirements and needs to be sturdy, snug to reinforce the efficiency of the climber. On this chapter we’ll focus on concerning the tools used within the sport.

Ice Axe

The axes used for mountaineering are totally different than regular ones as they’ve extra aggressive inclination and curves. It’s mild weighted and an athlete can transfer it freely.


Modified picks are used right here having thicker dimension and excessive angle of inclination. As an alternative of tapper metal, strengthened steels are utilized in its making.

Ice Mountaineering Footwear

The boots used over listed here are light-weight. These days designers are manufacturing fruit boots together with crampons bolted to the only real of the boot.


Helmet is a vital security tools and is obligatory. Any helmet that satisfies UIAA requirements can be utilized. Lighter the helmet, higher is the efficiency.



As the game is performed on ice, so gloves are crucial too. Nevertheless, they need to be made up of skinny leather-based materials to maximise the gripping with axe and support efficiency.

Timing System

Timing methods are usually not for the competitor however for the referee, as it’s crucial to notice how a lot time one athlete took to mount from the place to begin until the top level.


Holds are the route setting supplies which might be made up off resin and sand supplies. They’re very sturdy and are utilized by the riders to mount additional up.