IDL 8.5 / ENVI / LiDAR 5.3 x64

IDL 8.5 / ENVI / LiDAR 5.3 x64

IDL or Interactive Data Language is a simple programming language for analyzing and interpreting digital data such as images. This language is reliable and is used in various scientific disciplines. IDL is an all-purpose language that plays an important role in many small-scale and large-scale projects for processing and interpreting numerical data. For example, one of the most important uses of this language is in the interpretation of satellite images.

Today, remote sensing is an important branch of science that plays an important role in various matters. One of the main tasks of this field is to analyze and interpret satellite data and images. This is very difficult and in some cases almost impossible without the use of computer systems and related software. For this reason, various softwares have been provided, such as providing various capabilities, which make this task very simple. ENVI is a product that fully supports the IDL language.

Also, because most of the software modules are based on the IDL language, you can write custom modules in this language and add them to the program environment. These modules can prevent many repetitive tasks and speed up operations. This language has many features that distinguish it for doing scientific work. For example, using this language, you can work with a variety of specialized and scientific image formats such as HDF, CDF, NetCDF and other common image formats. Perform a variety of statistical calculations and data analysis. You can create the user interface you want with the graphic tools of this language. Other languages, such as C and Fortran, can be used in IDL, and the basic capabilities of IDL can be developed using the functions and libraries available in these languages.

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