IES Building Suite 2020-04 x64

IES Building Suite 2020-04 x64

IES Building Suite is a collection of specialized software from IES for structural engineers and related specialties. In this package, there are many tools for general analysis of structures, trusses, shear walls, foundations and foundations, retaining and load-bearing walls, underfloor heating systems, wooden, concrete, ceramic, aluminum and masonry structures.

  • ShapeBuilder: is a specialized calculator for structural calculations, structural stress testing, customization and database of shapes that along with VisualAnalysis can display the requested information with interesting diagrams.
  • VisualConnect: This program is a bridge that connects applications to each other, making the tedious task of opening different applications and copying files easier. You can easily switch projects between different tools. Testing different load combinations on a structure is tedious, but with the help of this tool, all tests are available to you in groups, and this is done easily.
  • VisualAnalysis: A program for modeling frames, truss structures and other building components. It is enough to express the capabilities of this tool that it solves a huge amount of unusual structural problems for you.
  • VisualFoundation: This tool performs most of the finite element modeling, building models with high-level structures such as slabs, walls, columns and piles automatically.

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt‌ file in the Crack folder.

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Download IES ConcreteSection 2.00.0002

Download IES VisualAnalysis v19.00.0004

Download IES VisualFoundation v10.00.0001

Download IES_Building_Suite_2018_x64

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