IHS QUE $ TOR 2015 Q1 v15.1.0.118

IHS QUE $ TOR 2015 Q1 v15.1.0.118

QUE $ TOR is valuable software for forecasting consumption costs in projects for exploration, extraction and exploitation of underground oil and gas resources. These types of projects usually involve a lot of scattered costs, using this program you can anticipate and control all the costs that have been spent in the life cycle of these projects. QUE $ TOR has been used in 50 countries around the world.

This product is capable of various applications in the oil and gas extraction industry, including screening oil and gas reservoirs, optimizing processes and carefully reviewing investment and operating costs in this type of projects. This software consists of three modules QUE $ TOR Offshore, QUE $ TOR Onshore and QUE $ TOR LNG Regasification.

With a comprehensive database of features, technologies and countless equipment, this software helps cost estimating engineers, financial analysts, and senior executives to model various costs in oil and gas extraction with high accuracy. Develop a sound plan for development processes, have significant savings in research and analysis, have an accurate feasibility study of the project before the project is completed, and many other similar predictions.

By providing various capabilities for accurate cost estimation, QUE $ TOR helps engineers to enable projects based on their financial and time resources, thus saving time and money and preventing any mistakes. Which are the result of ill-considered actions. Oil and gas engineers, managers and financial and technical analysts can all use the capabilities of this program to advance their goals.

Installation guide

After installation, copy and replace the files in the Crack folder in the program installation location.

This version was installed on September 22, 1998 in 64-bit Windows 10 and, as shown in the image, was successfully activated.

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