9 ways to increase the battery life of the Xbox One S controller

Xbox One S
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One of the strengths of 8th and 9th generation consoles is their beautiful and detailed controllers, which in addition to ergonomic design, are marketed with high detail.

In this regard, the Xbox One S gamepad may be defeated compared to the beauty of dualsence, but in terms of various features such as comfort and good handling and good feedback speed, it certainly has a lot to say.

But as you know, the disadvantage of Xbox controllers is their high power consumption, and if you are a gamer, you have to completely replace the controller batteries every 2 to 3 weeks.

Fortunately, the PC Help Technical Team is here to introduce you to a few practical tricks to extend the life of your Xbox batteries so you don’t have to buy a new battery every time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Xbox Batteries Help Computer Tech Experts

What can I do to prevent the Xbox battery from running out soon?

Is there a way to increase the charge of the batteries inside the Xbox controller?

Can rechargeable Xbox batteries be recharged?

Is there a way to charge the Xbox controller?

In previous articles, we mentioned the topics of ” streaming xbox games on the phone ” and ” xbox shared accounts “, but in this article we are going to answer all these questions, so stay tuned.

1. Easy way to increase the battery life of the Xbox One controller (buy a special base for charging the Xbox handle)

Unlike the Dual Shock 4 and dualsence, which support internal batteries, most Xbox controllers do not have internal batteries, and you will need to purchase a dedicated battery.

To get rid of this issue, we suggest buying AA rechargeable batteries that you can order from any online store.

Because the ingredients of rechargeable batteries are nickel hydroid, which is an alkali metal and can be charged several times.

You can buy an Energizer charger and 4 rechargeable batteries for your Xbox controller to solve the problem of charging and battery of xbox controllers.

The price of the Xbox One S battery and charger next to each other ( buy Energizer charger and rechargeable book battery  ) is almost 500 thousand tomans, which is worth buying because you do not need to buy new batteries for several years.

2. Xbox Handheld Battery (Buy Xbox Batteries)

Microsoft has released a special battery and charge (called Play and Charge Kit) for gamers to purchase separately for their categories due to protests from many users over the lack of a rechargeable battery in the Xbox S series. کردن.

This special package is sold for Xbox One, Xbox One Play, which includes AA batteries for Xbox controller and a Micro USB cable for recharging.

 Users can connect the handle to the console with a cable after recharging the energy inside the batteries to recharge. These batteries are charged within 4 hours and can be charged for up to 30 hours.

It is interesting to know that although the power of this battery is 1400 mAh, but the battery inside the PlayStation 4 handle is almost 3000 mAh, which shows that Microsoft has performed poorly in this area.

In general, buying a battery that has been approved and assembled by the xbox company itself is better than using unofficial cables and batteries.

3. Better use of controller battery charge (connection of controller to xbox console)

Another trick to prevent the IX box handle battery from draining is to connect the handle to the console when using it.

If for any reason the batteries inside the controller are discharged or lost, you do not need to be upset and wait for it to recharge, by connecting the handle with a micro usb cable to the console you can continue playing.

On older controllers like the Xbox 360, you could only charge the handle when connecting the handle to the console, but on the newer Xbox S series controllers, in addition to charging during use, you can transfer data. So keep playing.

Also, connecting the controller cable to the console increases the speed of the reverse, for example, in games such as the Dark Souls series, Injustice and Pes 2021, which have a quick response of the first letter, the method is more appropriate, but this delay in wireless connection is so It does not cause much damage to the gameplay, but at least you no longer have to worry about running out of charge in the middle of a fight with the game giants.

Note: Of course , computer technicians recommend that you do not play while the handle is charging, as it has a negative effect on the useful life of the handle.

4. Xbox One Controller Battery Life Extensions (Do not leave the handle on)

In the article ” 13 practical tricks in pes 5 ” we mentioned that a new feature that Sony has put in the dualsence controller is that if you leave the light switch on for several minutes, it will turn off automatically.

Fortunately, this is possible with the new Xbox series controllers, and if you put the handle in a place with no activity for a quarter, it will turn off automatically to reduce power consumption.

However, it is better not to always hope for the handle to turn off automatically, and if you are going to stop playing for a long time to do something, turn off the handle temporarily.

This has a positive effect on both reducing battery consumption and increasing the life of the handle.

5. Enable Xbox controller battery life

The easiest way to make the controller batteries last longer is to turn them off automatically if you do not use the handle.

Sometimes this feature may turn off the automatic controller by default, in which case you can do it manually.

In this case, press and hold the home button in the middle of the controller to display the following screen.

Then select the Turn Off Controller option.

By doing this, you can greatly increase the charging time of the Xbox One S handle.

6. How to charge the Xbox One S (using xbox controller sockets)

Another way to increase the battery life of the Xbox One S controller is to use special charging bases for the Xbox controller.

Charging pads In addition to creating a beautiful effect on the side of the console, but also standard and the handle battery is charged completely correctly.

To buy xbox charging base controller can apply from this link.

7. Reduce xbox battery power consumption (do not connect headset to controller)

As you know, the xbox series x has a jack for connecting headphones and headsets, which makes many users use it, unaware that it speeds up the process of draining the energy inside the battery.

We recommend that you only attach headphones or headsets to your handle when needed, and use more speakers or game-specific speakers that connect to the console itself with a cable. Or if you attach a gadget to the handle, disable it when you do not need it.

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8. Turn off the Rumble May Help feature to prevent excessive consumption of the xbox controller battery

When the Xbox controller battery is low, the controller automatically disables the controller vibration capability.

Therefore, you can use this principle to increase the battery life of your controller even when fully charged, and by turning off the added capabilities of the handle, you can save a lot of energy consumption.

To do this, go to the category settings and select the Ease of use option.

In the next step from the left side of the screen, select Controller.

Then turn off Turn on vibration.

It is true that doing this will make the game very boring and dull, but it is a good option to reduce energy consumption in the category.

If you encounter a specific question or problem in any section, contact our technical experts in the comments section .

9. Replace the PlayStation device batteries after a while.

Finally, your device’s battery may be damaged, so it is best to replace the rechargeable batteries every 2 to 3 years.

Because the useful life of lithium batteries is slightly reduced with each charge and discharge, and after a few years due to repeated use, its useful life is reduced.

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