inFlow Inventory Premium 2.5.1

inFlow Inventory Premium 2.5.1

inFlow Inventory is a useful software for managing the finances and accounting of small and medium businesses. Using this software, you can integrate and mechanize all the work of the accounting unit and the company’s finance unit, and view and control the overview of information in a regular management dashboard. An interesting feature of this program is the support for barcode readers. Therefore, your sales units can easily record product information in the program with high accuracy through bar code readers. This will reduce human errors and increase the accuracy of accounting matters.

In this program, you can see the history of all transactions about a specific product or a specific activity. All this information is displayed in the form of tables and regular reports. You can save different products, transactions and information based on your location and with the possibility of creating subgroups in the program. This makes it very easy to access stored information related to a specific location. This software can send different emails to one or more emails in different time situations depending on the conditions you define.

One of the most important parts of any sales accounting and management program is the reports section. Basically, an accounting program that does not have good output reports is doomed to failure because it is ultimately the reports that give us the power to draw long-term conclusions. This program provides a variety of rich reports with graphical information and various charts that are very useful in understanding a wealth of information. These reports have a predefined format that can be customized to your liking. The management dashboard of this program also displays important information well, which you can get more detailed information by clicking on each section.

Installation guide

Copy, run and apply the patch file at the software installation location.

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