Informatica PowerCenter 8.6.0 x86

PowerCenter is a powerful business intelligence software that extracts, refines and loads information from various organizational sources, forms an organizational data warehouse and helps managers make big decisions by submitting reports in the management dashboard. Although different CRM, MIS or enterprise resource planning software records data and transactions well at all levels of the organization, but with the increase of this data, we face the problem of analyzing them, especially managers are not able to interpret data in a single place. Business intelligence software, including PowerCenter, has filled exactly this gap. With in-depth data collection and various analytical tools, this program is able to help managers estimate work processes and by discovering unknown relationships between data, their impact on each other and facilitate matters and increase the speed of decisions.

This program is a single platform for integrated management of organizational information. This program collects data related to different units at the highest level and provides managers with a comprehensive picture of the overall situation of the organization. In fact, this software helps managers in making strategic decisions. Using this program will accelerate the response of customers and as a result will lead to their satisfaction. One of the most important features of business intelligence software is data visualization. Textual data analysis is always more difficult than charts and information charts. This program also visualizes the data with this in mind so that you do not need to deal with numbers.

PowerCenter Features:

  • The right combination of business and IT unit
  • Reusability, automation and ease of use
  • Metadata-driven management
  • High scalability and efficiency
  • Operations monitoring
  • Instant recording of data and transactions with immediate impact on analysis results
  • Advanced features for converting data formats (XML, JSON, PDF, Office, etc.)
  • Ability to connect to cloud services
  • Automatic evaluation of input data

Installation guide

Read the Readme_en.txt file in the ISO file.

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