Innovasys DocumentX 2013.1.88.0

Innovasys DocumentX 2013.1.88.0


DocumentX is a very useful and efficient tool for producing rich documents for .NET programmers. Programming projects, especially large-scale ones, if not documented, their future management, maintenance and scalability will be severely threatened, so that in some cases re-implementing an undocumented project is much more cost-effective than repair or development. It is. On the other hand, documenting does not mean just a few lines of comment. We need to fully document all the code. What classes, functions, and methods do. What are their inputs, what are the outputs, what are the allowed and unauthorized values ​​of the inputs. Exceptions and many more. Manually documenting these cases is very time consuming. Various companies have introduced many tools to meet these needs, and DocumentX is one of the most prominent of these products.

The program integrates well with the Visual Studio environment and can easily generate automated documents for .NET languages ​​including VB, #C, C ++, databases, Com components, XSD schemas, web services, JavaScript, and.. It is also used to document Java projects. To use this tool, it is enough that your code is well XML Documented. In this case, with one click, you can document the code based on your personal theme and taste and receive it in various formats. This program has a brilliant record in its portfolio and has made significant progress since 1998. We recommend all .NET programmers to document their projects using this appropriate tool so that they do not face many problems in the future to develop or solve the problems in the project.

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