Instagram makes it possible for influencers to monetize through affiliate marketing

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Instagram has been equipped with several new features in recent months, such as ” Live Rooms “, however, the creator of this social network is still working on new features. In the future, Instagram is expected to offer an affiliate or affiliate marketing program and block words in direct messages.

Android developer Alessandro Palozi has released several screenshots of the social network that show some of the features that will be added in the future. One of these screenshots refers to an affiliate marketing program through which influencers can monetize product content, such as posts and stories.


The settings of this program are displayed in the “Creator” section of this app and users can register in it with several simple steps. However, not all users may have access to it from the beginning.

In addition to this program, Instagram is also working on new content control settings that allow users to block certain keywords in direct messages. These settings will be available in the privacy section and users can add their desired keywords to it.


By adding these words, Instagram will automatically block all direct messages containing them. In the settings of this feature, users can enable it for all people or some accounts.


Palozi also mentioned a new option for editing posts called “Brightness.AI”. Not much is known about this feature at this time, but given its name, it can be guessed that it automatically adjusts the brightness of the posts with the help of artificial intelligence.

Finally, it should be noted that all of these features are under development and we do not know exactly when they will be available to users. In addition to these features, we will probably have to wait for the addition of voice chat rooms as well as global encryption for messages on this social network.

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