InstallShield 2020 R1 Premier Edition 26.0.546.0

InstallShield is one of the most popular solutions for programmers / developers to build installation packages. To facilitate the installation process of their programs, developers build installation packages so that end users can install and use the software in their system with just a few clicks. InstallShield is designed to allow development teams to more quickly, flexibly, and quickly install installation scripts, installation packages for PCs, servers, the web, or virtual applications.

InstallShield is the only software that can directly convert MSI installation packages to Microsoft Virtual Packages, App-V. Due to the increasing growth of modern technologies, software manufacturers must also adapt to this rapid growth and provide a more enjoyable experience for end consumers, to capture the market faster. It can be said that Instal Shield with more than 500 million pc and servers that use this program has become one of the standards in this field and now as one of the strategic products in Ajil development teams as an installer of software and package prerequisites. Installation is used. This program provides users with automated tools for producing, installing and packing software prerequisites in EXE and MSI formats.

Features and characteristics of InstallShield software:

  •  Easy distribution of virtual and cloud installation packages
  • The most popular installer for the Windows environment and full compatibility with the Visual Studio environment
  • Easy installation and unparalleled experience for the end user
  • Full support for Windows 10
  • Integrate with Visual Studio environment
  • Having the latest versions of Windows software prerequisites
  • Convenient and advanced user interface for designing installers UI
  • Build common msi or exe packages
  • Powerful scripts to install with support for scripting languages
  • Ability to convert msi packages to App-V
  • Multilingual and the possibility of inserting different languages ​​for the installer
  • Integration with TFS environment for work teams

Installation guide

In the Readme file in the Crack folder.

The 2015 version has been tested in Windows 10 64-bit version, but the crack does not work in Windows 7 64-bit version. It does not work in Windows 2008 either. Other windows have not been tested.

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Download InstallShield 2020 R1 Premier Edition 26.0.546.0

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