InstruCalc Instrument Sizing Suite 9.0.0 x86 / x64

InstruCalc Instrument Sizing Suite 9.0.0 x86 / x64

InstruCalc Instrument Sizing Suite or Chempute Instrument Engineering Calculations InstruCalc software to  calculate the size of the valve controlling the flow of the relief device. Out of this program can be used to produce sheets for the calculating of  and and short construction Ready      And used the sheet as database to generate reports.

Features of InstruCalc:

  • Control Valve sizing: has  gas liquid flow and two phases Predicting  noise and cavitation Diagram for valve control Cv valve and flow. Pressure  drop and valve flow linear trim using standard ANSI / ISA 75.01.01.          
  • Relief Valve sizing:  Valve tank valve disc rupture .
  • Flow Element sizing:  Observe the  flow rate of the opening meter hole limitation rotameter target vortex and elbow meter Ability to  calculate the pore size and saliva flow of two groups or differential range Recommended volume and size of the aperture to correct accordingly Element flow diagrams include current and differential .      
  • Pressure drop in liquid and gas pipes:  Calculations using the Darcy formula of the Colebrook equation and the technical paper crane .
  • Waterhammer calculations:  the closing Waterhammer push up and force support Using the Joukowski formula .

Installation guide

Listed in the Readme.txt file.

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