Intel Evo as the company’s new brand adorns laptops

Intel Evo
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Intel Evo

Intel Evo is a new brand from this company that Intel hopes you will look for when buying your next laptop.

Intel , the world’s second-largest chip maker and, of course, the king of the world of server and computer processors, has introduced a new brand called Intel Evo – and hopes it will be well received.

The brand is the eleventh generation Core processors coincide with the company called Tiger Lake – Tiger Lake in the fall come. According to Intel, this year we will see 20 laptops with the Intel Ivo logo.

But Intel Ivos are laptops that are designed and approved in collaboration with Intel. The move is part of Intel’s Project Athena. All Intel Ivo laptops are equipped with 11th generation processors and integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics.

These laptops, both in power and battery mode, have higher loading speeds and smoother performance, and of course their batteries are so powerful that they can accompany the user during the day.

If a laptop wants to carry the Intel Evo icon, it must be able to wake up in less than 1 second. Also, if it has a full HD display, it should be able to last at least 9 hours while working on battery mode. In addition, the laptop should stay on for more than 4 hours on a 30-minute charge.

They also carry at least the second edition of the key specifications and features of the Athena project. In removing the processor, Core i5 or i7, Graphics Iris Xe, Wi-Fi, 6 and 4 of these properties are Thunderbolt standard.

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The operating system of these laptops is Windows or Chrome OS and they have at least 8 GB of dual channel RAM along with 256 GB of SSD memory with PCIe / NVMe interface. They must also be equipped with a biometric identification method (fingerprint, face recognition or Bluetooth phone proximity). Fast charging, USB Type-C port are other requirements.

Surround sound and HD webcam at 30 frames per second are another part of the specifications of Intel Ivo laptops. 4G or 5G network support is also optional.

The size of these laptops is between 12 to 15 different dimensions and as mentioned earlier, they must have a full HD display. Their touchpad must also be accurate and sensitive. These laptops are in the form of light and thin laptops or 2-in-1 laptops and in two models, fan and without fan. Regardless of the configuration of the laptop, its thickness in the closed state should be less than 15 mm.

Support for simultaneous access to multiple cloud accounts, along with other mobile applications such as Twitter, Spotify, and Zoom, are standards of the second edition of the Athena Project. The trial load of these laptops has also increased from 15 tasks at a time to 25 tasks.

Intel Ivo laptops will enter the market from this year and their manufacturers are Asus, Acer, Samsung and Lenovo.

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