Intergraph SmartPlant Foundation 2014 v05.00.00.0018

Intergraph SmartPlant Foundation 2014 v05.00.00.0018

The SmartPlant Foundation is a comprehensive solution from Intergraph for managing plant and machinery information. This software establishes a secure connection with home work data. This data includes engineering drawings, vendor data, purchase orders, RFQs, specification sheets, and all ancillary documents. In this software, a modular set of user experiences in normal work processes is deployed to ensure that valid, solid and quality engineering information is shared in the value chain and among device information systems. Using this software, users can make operational decisions from large and complex data in the middle of the factory life cycle and perform fast and accurate designs. Information management solutions in this software are regularly and steadily expanded and adapted to the industry of the day. This software is also used in the marine industry. Engineering data is complex and dynamic. Keeping this data up to date is a difficult task that only this software can handle.

SmartPlant Foundation software features:

  • Provide a secure and complete repository for projects, equipment information, documents with audit traceability
  • Increasing the quality level of technical and engineering data taken from the implementation of operations
  • Quick and easy search and find of data depending on the user’s level of knowledge
  • Check customers and factory changes remotely through a portal to minimize factory start-up time and ensure continuity of operations
  • Provide fixed engineering content management (EngCM)
  • Reduce costs and errors associated with multiphase information resources by blurring the boundaries between them

Installation guide

  • From the install_splm folder, run the setup file and install the program.
  • Run GenMachineGUI.exe and create an ID in the text file.
  • Run SPKeygen and Keygen from the Keygen folder.
  • Move the contents of the hardware fingerprint in SPKeygen to the HWID field in Keygen. Enter the desired name as well.
  • Now move the created serial to the Key field and the name to the field in SPKeygen and click OK.
  • You will see a window titled Key is valid and has been stored. OK.
  • Close SPKeygen and run it again.
  • Now move the Machine ID (the same ID you sent to the text file in the second step) to the first Keygen field.
  • Press the CadWorx button.
  • Enter the seat number in 6 fields (for example 10)
  • Press the Done button.
  • Enter the number of days left until the software license expires. (Eg 500)
  • Press the Generate button.
  • Your license was created in the field below. Copy it.
  • Run the license.exe software. Select the Install and Remove option.
  • Select the Install License Key option.
  • Copy the copied license in the License Key field and click OK.
  • In the main menu (SPLM (license.exe) select Configure and test -> Select License Machine for Client.
  • Enter your computer name or PC Name in the License machine field and click OK.
  • In the main menu Display -> Show key status Test the saved keys.
  • Install the software with serial 00004104401268.

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Download Part 2 – 298 MB

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