Intergraph SmartPlant Instrumentation 2013

Intergraph SmartPlant Instrumentation 2013

Intergraph SmartPlant Instrumentation is an industry-leading instrumentation tool that helps better design factory EPCs. The owner of the operator can prevent failure with better management and storage of tool history, as well as prevent the sudden shutdown of scheduling with better maintenance. This solution can also help in the development of factory planning or modernization of the control system. This software provides an instrumental source of information that you can easily access, update and update across various device tasks.

Features and capabilities of Intergraph SmartPlant Instrumentation:

  • Enhanced SmartLoop: Proper presentation of data-driven loop design, this feature eliminates the need for drafting skills and reduces engineering hours, as well as increasing compatibility between data design and delivery.
  • Smart Data Sheets: New and complete collection of more than 90 smart data sheets according to the needs of the industry
  • Knowledge-based: Ensuring consistency and saving on typing and re-engineering. Use only the default data sheet, the default admin panel as the standard template library.
  • Data Migration: Import data in various formats with ease. You can migrate your data to a modern engineering tool.
  • Fieldbus: The only solution that can design control systems using fieldbus technology.
  • Upgrade: Facilitate upgrade <Easy to the latest version of the product in order to use the latest features and capabilities to increase productivity.
  • Design rules: Create detailed engineering designs with design rules. For example, you can check the cable length during the design of the fieldbus to prevent changes.

Installation guide

Follow the Readme.txt file.

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