Internet Download Manager Android 7.00 for +4.0

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Features and Features of Internet Download Manager android:

– All popular browsers support this software and are well integrated with it.

– Download the file with just one click

– Has a very high speed in downloading files (up to 500 times more)

– Ability to stop downloads and continue downloads

– Has a schedule for automatic download and also stop downloading at a specified time

– Support for most famous languages ​​in the world, including Persian

– Ability to Drag and Drop files

– Ability to create a limit for the download speed of each file

– Ability to download simultaneously

– Categorize download files into different groups and view completed and unfinished files separately

– Support for a variety of web protocols

– Proxy support and the ability to create a password to download from different servers

– Easy and simple user interface

Download Internet Download Manager 7.00

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