Intertraff ANPR Engine100 SDK

Intertraff ANPR Engine100 SDK

ANPR Engine is a set of software development tools that allow software developers to integrate automatic number recognition (ANPR / LPR) technology into their software applications. Engine.25 is dedicated to access control applications such as parking management. This tool includes two versions Engine.25 and Engine.100. Engine.25 waits 3 seconds before being able to read a new license plate. Engine.25 does not process still images (video processing is only available). Engine.100 is designed for high speed traffic and no software restrictions apply. The Intertraff ANPR engine supports reading Arabic car license plates as well as two-row license plates. Some of the countries that support this engine are Iran, Iraq, Belgium, Belarus, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, Norway and so on.

Features and Features of ANPR Engine:

  • Support for reading Iranian license plates
  • Supports 74 different countries
  • It takes about 27 milliseconds to read a page
  • Reading two-row license plates
  • Support for Latin, Arabic and Persian license plates
  • No CPU / core limitations
  • Supports parallel processing and unlimited cameras
  • No need to install a dedicated board for high speed processing
  • Includes training and programming examples in both executable and source code
  • Usable test version that supports thousands of IP cameras
  • Includes software and hardware protector
  • Number Automatic Detection Engine (DLL)
  • Function Library (Visual Basic 6,, C #, Delphi, C ++, Java)
  • Includes tutorials and source code

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file.

download link

Download Intertraff_ANPR_Engine100_SDK_v1.22.2.0

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