IOTransfer Pro Multilingual

IOTransfer is a software for transferring files between iOS devices and your computer. It lets you easily switch apps, pictures, videos, music files, podcasts, and e-books between iOS and Windows. If you also own an iPhone mobile device, you are probably aware of the difficulties of exchanging files with the Windows operating system. Although Apple has tried to make the file transfer process easier by providing its software and cloud service, having a powerful and simple software such as IOTransfer can help you in sending and receiving files more.

IOTransfer software with its user-friendly and modern interface allows you to easily transfer your files between your iOS device and your computer. You no longer need to sync your data or upload files online using this software . This software quickly identifies your device with the first connection and displays all the files on the computer. You can copy your mobile data from local memory and transfer it to your computer with one button. It also provides the ability to delete and manage mobile files from a computer, allowing you to easily delete unnecessary files.

Features and specifications of IOTransfer program:

  • Modern and professional user interface
  • Easy and fast file transfer between iOS devices and PC
  • Supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices
  • Complete management and control of files
  • Ability to delete and rename information
  • View applications, images, videos, music files, podcasts, e-books, audiences, and messages