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iPad Pro
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Caviar has been working on luxury devices for some time. Caviar now unveiled the luxury iPad Pro with 1 kg of gold and several iPhone models.

Caviar has made a big difference this time, and instead of the Apple bitten apple logo, he has replaced it with a whole apple tree on the iPad and iPhone. An apple tree made of gold and placed on a dark background.IPad Pro Luxury

The main model of the Caviar Luxury iPad Pro is the iPad Pro Grand Apple, of which only one will be made and will have a price tag of $ 184,310. If you are a buyer of this product, you can decide if your device is iPad Pro 11 model 2020 or iPad Pro 12.9 model 2020. The choice of product storage capacity is also the responsibility of the user.IPad Pro Luxury

Grand Apple will use 1 kg of 18-carat gold growing in the shape of an apple tree. In the lower part of this tree, there is a circular shape of gold. All of these devices will feature some of Apple’s most famous leaders.IPad Pro Luxury

At Grand Apple, there’s a quote from Steve Jobs, “Be brave and follow your heart and intuition,” and a quote from Tim Cook, “Let your happiness be in travel, not in a distant goal.”IPad Pro Luxury

If a kilo of gold does not satisfy you, there are 81 natural diamonds with a diameter of 3 mm, which are considered as apple trees.IPad Pro Luxury

That’s not all, and Caviar unveiled the Apple Diamond suite, which includes the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. The price of these products is $ 10,000 and the background is real apple wood with a dark background and we also see a beautiful golden apple tree.IPad Pro Luxury

These phones have 9 natural diamonds in their structure and it has a quote from Tim Cook that says: “Life is fragile and short. “We have no guarantee that we will have tomorrow, so do your best on the day you have.” 99 units of each of the iPhones and iPads in the Apple Diamond collection will be made.IPad Pro Luxury

Finally, a collection of Apple Gold iPads and iPhones. There will be no more diamonds in this collection, and apple wood and gold-plated gold have been used. These products will be around $ 6,000 to $ 8, and 99 copies of each will be produced.IPad Pro Luxury

The official site Kavyar , iPads and iPhones Peru Luxury Luxury The company will be visible and buy.

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