Instead of a portless design, the iPhone 13 comes with a new charging connector

iPhone 13
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The latest reports show that the Apple iPhone 13 will come with a new magnetic charging connector instead of a portless design.

Apple recently filed a new patent with the US Intellectual Property Office that showcases a new magnetic smart connector in various forms. Of course, there is no official announcement from Apple yet, but it is speculated that it could be related to the new iPhone 13 charging connector. Apple has previously used a similar connector with this patent on its iPad, which is designed to connect the company’s smart keyboard.

New charge connector for iPhone 13

IPad magnetic connector

But there is a difference between this charging connector and the connector for smart keyboard on iPads. This new port is more like a standard charging connector on phones, while the port on the iPad is designed in the form of three round notches.

Apple’s new charging connector patent

New charge connector for iPhone 13

We thought the Apple iPhone 13 would be a port-free phone that would only work with wireless charging. Recently, Ming Chi Koo, an analyst close to Apple, claimed that the iPhone 13 Pro Max will be released this year without any external ports. The whistleblower later stated that future iPhones would all retain their Lightning port, and that there would be no port-free design or replacement of USB-C with Lightning. Whether these published reports are true or not is a matter that will take time to refute or confirm.

Apple has now launched its MagSafe wireless charger with Qi technology, which can be used to charge phones wirelessly with it or any other Qi charger on the market. This shows that everything is ready for the release of a fully wireless iPhone in the future.

If Apple really wants to design its next iPhones with a new magnetic charging connector similar to its patents, Lightning Cables will be assembled and we’ll have to say goodbye to wired AirPads. Also, the cables for this charging port seem less prone to bending or tearing, which means you no longer have to replace your phone’s Lightning cable any time soon. From Apple’s new patent images, it looks like, thanks to the magnetic design, there will be no problem if the cable is stretched and it will be disconnected immediately. In any case, the iPhone 13 is also compatible with wireless charging.

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