IPhone 13 comes without port and with Internet Recovery support

IPhone 13
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Recently, information was released about the iPhone 13 – iPhone 13 support for Internet Recovery mode, and this issue can confirm the rumors of iPhone without port.

As you know, Apple uses the USB-C port on its iPads and Macs, but still supports Lightning technology to charge its iPhones. According to rumors, it is possible that Apple will not use the USB-C port in its smartphones. There have been rumors for several years about changing the charging port of Apple smartphones, but Apple has only used Lightning technology. Recently, information was published from one of Apple’s news sites, and according to this information, Apple intends to launch the iPhone 13 without a port.

In the iPhone 12 series, Apple replaced the use of wireless technologies with cables and, as you know, introduced a new gadget called Mag Safe . The release of this gadget could be a reason to remove the charging port on the iPhone 13, and there have been many rumors in the past about using a stronger magnet in the next series of Apple phones. It should be noted that users can transfer their information and data using the Air Play feature and similar features.

IPhone 13

According to all the information published since the removal of the iPhone 13 port, Apple has solved most of the possible problems. According to Appleosophy, there is only one problem left, and that is how to restore the iPhone, which you need to connect your smartphone to your Mac or PC (Windows). Recently, information was released that the iPhone 13 supports Internet Recovery mode, which means that the user does not need to be connected to a Mac or PC to restore their smartphone.

The interesting part is how to do this without the Lightning port. Some users believe that Apple will use Pogo Pads inside the SIM card slot. It should be noted that this method is currently in the first stage of testing and still does not meet the standards of Apple, it should also be considered whether this technology will be ready by the time the iPhone 13 is released or not?


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